Rock’s Backpages


Have you ever checked out this database?  If not you are in for a treat.  I was reminded of it this evening when I came across a report about Madonna’s speech as the Billboard’s Woman of the Year.   Madonna, for me, has always been about self-discovery, self-definition, agency, and some catchy tunes.  She spoke about the barriers she had to overcome to become the artist that she is today.  This interview reminded me that we have a resource containing interviews by well-known artists: Rock’s Backpages.

menuThis database is much more than artist interviews.  It contains information from news sources, and interviews of writers as well.  When you enter Rock’s Backpages, you can use the general search; but if you look for the menu on the left, you can also search the Library by artist or writer, or music genre, or publication.  Click on audio to see a list of selected audio interviews.  And yes, there are quite a few resources about Madonna.  So next time you are looking for sources for your popular culture paper, try using Rock’s Backpages.