Doing Qualitative Research


Perhaps you are in the middle of conducting your qualitative research project. Have you considered how you will analyze your data? You might want to use NVivo. It is free to use for Faculty of Arts and Social Science students, and $12 for people in all other faculties. NVivo cannot tell you what your data is telling you about your research topic (that’s your job!), but it can help you to organize your thoughts in memos and to create hierarchies amongst your concepts. You can bring in audio clips, videos, interview transcripts, web pages, images, primary source documents such as pamphlets, and tweets. Some people use it to do their literature review, bringing in references from citation management software such as Endnote or Zotero (we offer training on these applications too) and marking up data from the references, and PDFs from articles or book 9781462515752 chapters, to identify the main topics covered and how the topics are treated. From all this data you can quickly develop queries and make tables, graphs and charts of the results.

We offer training in using NVivo
on both Mac or PC. For more information on NVivo in general, check out our NVivo web page.
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