Course Guides


Now that it is mid-July, it is time to begin thinking about the fall-winter term (sorry!!).

Registration has been going on for a little while, and I have been checking the course schedules to see what is being offered when.  Some library search strategies sessions have already been arranged.  Professors tell me that when they make time for me in their classes, the papers that they get to read are better.  I hope that that means that people have been able to dive deeply into a topic, and that it has been a rewarding experience for them.  All this makes me feel good.

For the classes where I do teach, I make a course guide that is geared toward the topics and kinds of research assignments that students have to do for that class.  I have learned a lot by putting them together, so I hope that I am hitting the mark.  Students say that these guides have helped them to find materials that they otherwise would not have found, so I guess they are working.  I try to do more than just give lists of materials, since I can never know exactly what people will be researching: I try to offer some strategies for starting with those sources and branching out to others, or crafting their own searches.  To me, this seems to be a staple of feminist scholarship: to share insider information and how-to strategies that help others out.  I hope that I am carrying on that tradition.

These course guides may be useful for you, too, even if you are not in the class, since they do provide approaches to a particular topic.  If that topic is your topic, it could be a place to start.  Go to the Library’s home page and, in the “Research” column, check out “Course Guides”.  Perhaps you will find a really interesting topic and want to find out more…

I hope you are getting excited about the courses that you will be taking in the fall.  Enjoy the next few weeks and see you in the Library soon!