So… you made it to March

Congratulations!  You are going to go the distance, and this is a big deal.  Getting through the school year can be a struggle, but there is help.  Since you are likely in the middle of writing research papers, here are some things that might help:

  1. Writing Tutorial Service: if you are having trouble thinking through how you want to plan your paper, make an appointment to work it out with a writing tutor.
  2. Check your course outline and find out what citation style is required.  We have guides to help you out, and if you are using MLA or APA there is the Purdue Online Writing Lab.
  3. Remember that the A paper considers all possible points of view, so analyzing research papers from international organizations or government reports using the theory that you learned in class is a great idea.  Also statistical data or visual data from maps can supplement well the points that you want to make.
  4. We have staplers and hole punches at the Library Services Desk.
  5. Find a study partner and book a group study room.  Share feedback on your drafts.
  6. There is amnesty for overdue fines until the end of day on Monday March 14.
  7. If you need help with doing research, contact us right away.  Do not delay!

And lastly,

  1. Think healthy!  Wash your hands before you eat to save you from getting sick at the last minute.  Eat your veggies.  Get a little exercise on a regular basis.  Go easy on the coffee: make sure you can get good quality sleep, particularly since we are going to lose an hour this weekend.  But if you need it, the Starbuck’s at the Library is open

Take care of yourself, and best wishes for the rest of the year.