Nineteenth-Century Gender Studies

I have started to follow a blog entitled Magazines for Libraries Update at Proquest.  You know Proquest: they support regular go-to databases for Women’s and Gender Studies topics such as Sociological Abstracts, Dissertations and Theses Global, PAIS International and CBCA Complete.  In this particular blog entry, the open-access journal Nineteenth Century Gender Studies is discussed.  If you are studying English literature as well as Women’s Studies, you may be interested in this journal.

Previous special issues included these topics:

  • Critical Transformations: Disability and the Body in Nineteenth-Century
  • Gender and Journalism: Women and/in the News in the Nineteenth Century
  • Gender, the Professions, and the Press
  • Law and Gender in Nineteenth-Century England
  • The New Woman and Sexuality
  • Nineteenth-Century Feminisms: Press & Platform
  • Women Write the Natural World
  • Writing Bodies: Gender and Medicine in the Nineteenth Century

Check out the blog and the journal.