Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women

A few days ago, the Carleton University Art Gallery opened its latest installation, Walking with Our Sisters.  Have you seen it yet?  It’s there until October 16, 2015.  Today I noticed a review in the Ottawa Citizen, referring to it as a “powerful memorial” that was “deeply moving” to the reviewer.  Events like this during your time at university may change you, and change your future.  Seek out such opportunities — experiences like these may become the beginning of your activist career.

Seeing this installation for yourself may move you to write a research paper on this topic.  We have resources.  You may already know that I like to start with books, so here are a few:

But of course many of these are historical in nature or peripheral to the topic.  The real story evolves in newspapers and magazines, so consult our news sources for good databases to search as well as Canadian Studies databases such as CBCA Complete for magazine articles.  Government information is VERY relevant:

Be sure to check out the Google custom search of government information sites.

You may be interested in the video, Finding Dawn.

Don’t forget our journal article databases which can be found on the “journal articles” or “databases” tabs of the Canadian Studies, Indigenous Studies, or Women’s Studies subject guides.  Summon searches information about our catalogue and most of our databases, but don’t forget to log in first if you are not on campus.  Use Google Scholar from our databases page because it may be easier to access the full text of the documents at sites where we have subscriptions if the site recognizes you as a Carleton person.

Issues such as missing and murdered indigenous women are more than important — they are crucial, critical, essential and existential Canadian and feminist issues.  Start to take control of your learning.  Choose courses and topics that set you on fire.  Read, write down your thoughts, and read some more.  Start something now that can last a lifetime.  Librarians can help.


[listed resources updated 2016-12-12]